Duromax Generator DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start

This Duromax Generator uses a 16 hp, air-cooled OHV engine to generate up to 10,000 Watts of surge power and 8000 Watts of continuous electricity when you need it most. has a heavy-duty steel frame with isolated motor mounts and a noise-reducing muffler for smooth and quiet operation. The wheel kit and front handle are easy to install and allow you to easily move the generator from one place to another.


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This Duromax Generator has an 8.3-gallon fuel tank and when operating at 50% output this generator will give you 10 hours of run time. It also features an EZ-Pull recoil starter so it will be ready to generate electricity in an emergency.

DuroMax Generator Features and Specifications:

  • The DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator Weight: 265 pounds
  • 10000 Watt Surge/8000 Watt Continuous
  • 8.3 Gallon Gas Tank
  • Electric Key Start/Includes Battery
  • EPA Approved
  • Automatic Low Oil Shut Off
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DuroMax Generator Reviews:

The reviews for this DuroMax Generator are pretty strong. We found a couple dozen reviews online and the average user rating for this product is 4.5 stars. One person mentioned that there was no parts list for repairs which would’ve been nice if you wanted to replace a part. Another reviewer commented that there were no real guidelines about which outlets to use for what purpose and it seems that this reviewer would’ve liked a little more instruction although they still liked this Duromax Generator well enough to give it a 5 star rating.

The minor negative comments listed above were the only complaints we found for this Duromax Generator and there were many positive comments for the DuroMax XP10000E. This generator won’t power serious energy hogs like an electric stove or clothes dryer but this Duromax Generator will power just about anything else. One reviewer stated that they use the DuroMax XP10000E for running a welder, plasma cutter and an air compressor (not all at the same time) and that this generator has no problems operating those items.


Max AC Output10,000 Watts
Rated AC Output8,000 Watts
Engine Displacement420cc
Horsepower18 Hp
Amperage66.5A / 33.3A
Current120v/240v AC and 12v DC
Max Torque21 ft-lbs.
Run Time at 1/2 LoadUp to 10 Hours
Fuel Tank Capacity8.3 Gallons
Low Oil Lamp/ShutoffYes
Start TypeElectric / Recoil
Decibels72 dB(A)
Shipping Weight265 lbs.
what we have here is a Duramax XP 10,000 a generator this generator has a capacity of 10,000 watts surge 8000 watts continuous and the reason why we purchase this generator is because the electricity around ere is like a third-world country I mean if you get tired of replacing food and your refrigerator and freezer if you’re tired of getting gouged at hotels for extended power outages you definitely need to get a generator and that’s why we got one this one right here is pretty powerful it’s enough to run an air conditioner during the summer if need be ultimately you would want to have that wired into the house I don’t have that done yet but that’s definitely on the to-do list so what I wanted to do is go over some of the features on this and we’ll go ahead and zoom in a little bit so we can look at the control panel right here and what we’re gonna be looking at is an upper left part of your screen you’re gonna see where the keys are located at right next to that you’ve got AC circuit protection right there this way if there’s any kind of problems that’ll go ahead and kick in if you see the red button right next to that that’s actually an idle control if that’s on if you’re not drawing power from the unit it’ll idle down if the generator is drawing a lot of current out of there obviously the generator hold power up hit higher rpms to go ahead and accommodate that right next to that is the circuit breaker on/off pretty basic right there when you start the unit you want to make sure that it’s off you don’t want to have it under load during startup right next to that you’ve got a voltmeter this way you can kind of gauge how much draw is coming out of the generator itself underneath that you’ll see that you’ve got a variety of prongs probably most common you’re gonna see are the two 120 volt 20 amp outlets right there that’s right next to the large prong right there but anyway to the left of that you’re gonna see 120 volt 30 amp twist lock and then right to the right of the two common household outlets what you’re gonna see right there is the big boy and that right there is a 50 amp 120 volt 240 volt outlet right there that you can use what I’ve got for this generator
though using for my home is the 120/240 V $39.90 starts relatively easy with a pole start so I really don’t care about the electric start on it but if you do want to maintain that electric start right above those wires you’ll see black and red twist lock knobs and that’s a DC charge right there that’s a 10 amp DC charge and we’ll go ahead and take a look at the handles here let me zoom out here you can see the handles right to the right of the unit those fold up and fold down for easy storage we go over to the right over here and then we’re gonna see tire it’s a solid tire never goes flat you don’t have to worry about putting air in it but if you don’t rotate the tire very often you’re gonna find it does develop a flat spot not a big deal really right there this unit weights upwards of 300 pounds you’re definitely not going to be able to cart this around with you if you want to take it to the campground or anything to that effect this is more or less a house unit right here and I think you’ll find that it’s more than accommodating for a household so what I’m gonna do now is we’re doing going to
detaches from the tripod and I’m gonna go ahead and give you a walk around I’m not see unit hold on a second okay we’re back I’m lying right here I want to point out over here you’re gonna see the oil that’s the oil fill right there you know we’re gonna come up here to the top and let me go ahead and zoom in on this you’re gonna see the sense of fuel gauge right here okay I know you’ll see a lot of people say that this does not have a fuel gauge with it but it does look at the warning labels right there use outdoors EPA certified those of you in California especially okay down here on this part what you’re gonna see here is your air filter right above that it’s gonna be your choke okay right over here to the right you’re gonna see your fuel valve up above it it gives you instructions you’ll see instructions here for the choke as well and the muffler right there’s the outlet right here I some people what they’ll do is all attach something to this and actually you’ve been and outs they can run it indoors and that’s something you really want to do if there’s a problem carbon carbon monoxide poisoning is definitely a killer take a look at the handles right hand up and down pretty simple over here to the right is the muffler and then over here crankcase up my wire job right here you’ll see it goes
through does pretty good right there and we’ll go ahead and take a look at all the warning labels down here you don’t want anybody getting hurt nor do I so make sure if you do purchase this you know you read the owner’s manual pull starts right here okay so that’s pretty easy this unit here you want to start once a month if you don’t start it for a long time then really what you want to do is go ahead and drain the fuel get that out of there because the fuel gets bad and when you go to start it they do ask that you put a little bit of oil through the spark plug oh there you have it I mean it’s a very solid unit I think pretty much any homeowner would definitely want to have one of these it’s a very reliable with the 16 horsepower engine it’s very strong as an 8 point 3 gallon tank which holds plenty of fuel I do believe that’s enough to last about eight hours if you’re drawing maybe about 5,000 watts off of it like I said electric manual start the electric starts pretty easy if you keep the charge up on the battery but the manual start there’s no problems with it I’m really happy with the unit I would advise purchasing a cover for it which I’ll put this right here in front of the camera and you’ll see that they do make one specifically for this unit and it fits like a glove so definitely worthwhile there with this unit it comes out great and it’s box the crate is nothing much to speak of it’s very thin wood so you can actually break it apart pretty easy if you want to use it for firewood out a fire pits or just a dispose of your can you also get some accessories with it there you have a oil oil fill funnel here and outlets if you can go ahead and purchase a wire wire up yourself here’s the alligator clips which I use to clip on to my leads that I put on a unit there and hook it to a charger there’s also a spark plug socket right here and inside this bag and here you’re gonna find some you know with additional tools there you know nothing major just another fitting here for the spark plug socket but I think you’ll find it’s it’s a very good unit for the price you know just right around the thousand dollar mark a little bit more you can pick it up with free shipping and Freight on a three three hundred pound item that’s definitely not cheap as one that ships a lot of goods I can tell you that I’ll save you approximately two hundred dollars depending upon what region of the United States you’re located at I’m
real happy with it it’s nice to have on hand and this gets a thumbs up for me so I’ll go ahead and put a link to this in the description where I bought it at and I’ll put some other specifications down there as well so you can take a look at and if you have any questions you know by all means go ahead leave a comment if this video helped
you and making a purchase decision you know please go ahead and like it whether you buy the unit or not my goal is to put out information that’s accurate and helpful to you.
Hi i’m here to show you the Duramax XP 10,000 EH eh 10,000 watt hybrid dual fuel generator be prepared for the next big storm or any power outage with the reliability of the Duramax hybrid dual fuel generator with the XP 10000 eh you have the ability to run on either gasoline or liquid propane why use propane when an emergency hits gas stations are without power overwhelmed as fuel is often rationed be prepared with propane which can easily be stored for years without going bad the Duramax dual fuel generator is extremely easy for anyone to start just to turn to the key or a pull of the EZ recoil will give you a quick reliable start every time the Duramax 18 horsepower motor feeds the fully loaded power panel and provides a peak of 10,000 watts and 8,000 constant watts of power this hybrid generator can run a full eight to ten hours on a single tank of gas and even longer on propane switching from gasoline to propane fuel is simple and takes seconds to engage thanks to the flexible propane line hooking up any standard sized propane the tank is simple and best of all you can store a full tank of gas in the unit while running on propane and vice versa the full-featured power panel has been designed to offer the perfect balance of power and functionality with its engine shut off switch voltmeter circuit breaker and power outlets it includes two fully protected 120 volt 20 amp outlets 120 volt 30 amp twist lock and one 120 240 volt 30 amp twist lock to supply power to all of your appliances including sub pumps refrigerators microwaves air conditioners and more for added durability the 120 240 volt 50 amp outlet allows you to harness the full power of your generator simply by adjusting the RV switch a power amp boost helping you select the correct voltage for the right application such as your RVs demanding power needs or running commercial power tools on a construction site also featured on the XP 10,000 eh is an idle control switch that when engaged allows the generator to run at a reduced speed that maximizes fuel efficiency when no load is placed on it by doing so this increases the maximum runtime on a single tank of gas by hours this EPA approved generator is safe for use in US national parks and runs at a comfortable 72 decibels the mobility kit with no flat tires makes it a breeze moving across any terrain Duramax generators are designed to power motorhomes power equipment and basic essentials even in the most remote locations built to last our one-year warranty and unrivaled after-sales support team keep you covered rugged durable dependable power when you need.

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